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Chiefs-Colts final score: No Alex Smith, no problem as KC beats Indy, 30-14

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The Kansas City Chiefs lost their starting quarterback and running back and they were already without Justin Houston and Jamaal Charles ... and they beat the Colts by 16 on the road. The final in Indy: 30-14, Chiefs.

It wasn’t pretty but it sure was something with Alex Smith and Spencer Ware going down with injuries. The Chiefs move to 5-2 on the season. If you’re wondering, 75 percent of 5-2 teams reach the playoffs.

Final stats here.

Alex Smith’s concussion leads to our newest QB controversy

Is there a real quarterback controversy? I doubt it. Andy Reid is going to stick with his guy, Alex Smith. Alex has missed one game in his KC career due to injury but came out twice in this game. He was hit on a slide in the first quarter and came out and passed the concussion protocol. Foles came in for about a quarter when that happened. Then Alex was hit again in the second half on a slide. He did not pass the concussion protocol this time and was diagnosed with a concussion and ruled out for the game.

The Chiefs have been too far with Alex to stick with Foles. And I don’t think it’s a good idea to base your quarterback future on how you play against the 28th ranked defense. I’m sure plenty disagree with me.

Nick Foles did ball out though

16 of 22 for 223 yards, two touchdowns and no picks. The ideal backup quarterback game. He came in and won the game for the Chiefs. A terrific job from Foles, who definitely looked different than Alex. He pushed the ball downfield more. There was the 49-yard pass to Tyreek Hil and the 34-yard touchdown pass to him. The touchdown strike to Travis Kelce. 33 yards to Chris Conley. Fun game.

Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Spencer Ware, Parker Ehinger go down too

The Chiefs not only lost Alex but also Spencer Ware to a concussion and Ehinger to some sort of injury. The Chiefs did not have Jamaal Charles active so that left Charcandrick West as the only healthy back in the game.

We’ll be monitoring these two this week, especially Ware. He’s a huge part of the Chiefs offense.

Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce shine

Tyreek Hill: five catches, 98 yards, touchdown

Travis Kelce: seven catches, 101 yards, touchdown

They each caught touchdown passes from Nick Foles.

Tyreek had a great deep ball catch where he was wide open that led to a touchdown and another 49-yard catch. Tyreek shined in the return game as well. He had some good ones that showed off his speed. Once he hits the edge, it feels like he’s gone.

Kelce’s came on a strike down the middle of the field from 13 yards out. Kelce had three catches for 45 yards on the first drive alone. He also had another big catch that was called back.

The Chiefs didn’t blow the lead

Who here didn’t think this was the 2013 playoff game all over again? The Chiefs got up big and then the injuries came. Alex, Spencer Ware, Parker Ehinger. There were other freaky things that happened. Jamaal Charles got a concussion on this turf three years ago with 11:31 left in the first half ... Alex’s initial concussion scare came with 11;36 left in the first half. There was one Colts drive late in the third quarter that freaked me out a little because they were moving it well and the Chiefs were gifting them penalties.

In the end, the Chiefs hang on. Big sigh of relief, everyone...