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How Nick Foles did in relief of Alex Smith

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UPDATE: Foles is in again so these numbers will have to be updated...

KC ChIefs backup QB Nick Foles was about a quarter after Alex Smith went through the concussion protocol. Alex came back into the game after Foles ended up throwing nine passes, including one touchdown to Travis Kelce.

How did Foles do?

6-of-10 for for 85 yards and one touchdown.

What else did we see?

Foles stretched the field more than Alex did. That was obvious pretty quickly when he went deep to Tyreek Hill for 49 yards. Sure, it was underthrown but it was a catch!

He seems to hold the ball longer than Alex does. I’m not sure what the actual stats say about that but Foles danced around than more.

Foles missed a couple of open receivers, which I was willing to forgive considering he is the backup and won’t be as familiar with the offense as the starter.

We can prepare this week for the inevitable Alex or Foles debate ... but the Chiefs have already decided Alex is their guy.