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Remember when we all knew the Chiefs going to lose to the Steelers?

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The Chiefs lost to the Steelers and looked very bad doing it. This has been a cause for concern around Kansas City this Monday morning. Assuming the Chiefs don’t look this bad the rest of the season, we can remember that this is a loss most saw coming if we’re being honest.

We do those game by game predictions before the season starts and often forget about them. With me not wanting to write about that awful game last night, I started looking up those season predictions to see what we said about this game.


The Steelers are really good. Justin Houston may not be back by this point. I'll take the loss. The Steelers could easily be the best team in the AFC this year if that defense shows up at all.

Adam Teicher from ESPN:

The winning streak ends in a most difficult place for the Chiefs to play. Their losing streak in Pittsburgh is five games and extends back to 1986, when a victory in the final regular-season game put the Chiefs in the playoffs.

Terez Paylor from the Star:

The Steelers’ offense is dynamic. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, running back Le’Veon Bell and receiver Antonio Brown form one of the league’s best trios. Bell will be back from his three-game suspension, and it’s hard to imagine the Chiefs’ defense stuffing the Steelers in a prime-time road game.

The score obviously wasn’t what anyone expected. Me predicting the Chiefs would cover is laughable now. Looking at the big picture, it’s one loss.