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Chiefs plan for Jamaal Charles changed with Charcandrick West’s injury

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I’m not sure how much another week or two would’ve mattered when you’re talking about a yearlong rehab but Jamaal Charles says the Kansas City Chiefs original plan was for him to return after next week’s bye, not Sunday night in Pittsburgh

Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star reports that the injury to Charcandrick West this week changed the timetable. The Chiefs activated Jamaal and sat West.

“That’s why they dressed me up,” Jamaal said via the Star. “But Charcandrick was hurt. I was the next person up. That’s how the game plan went.”

Nothing went right for the Chiefs in this game. Not only did they apparently not want Jamaal to play this early, they also lost Knile Davis late in the game due to the concussion protocol.

On the plus side, Jamaal says he felt 100 percent. Good because the Chiefs need him back.