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The Chiefs have a problem and it’s the way they start games

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The Kansas City Chiefs game have a problem with the way they start. We saw it against the Chargers in Week 1, the Texans in Week 2 and now the Steelers in Week 4.

This is a coaching problem, right?

The Chiefs are like all NFL teams in that they’re not good when they’re playing from behind. It’s especially true with the Chiefs because they don’t have the downfield passing game that can accumulate points quickly.

With that in mind, you could spot the moment when the Chiefs game was over. It wasn’t Spencer Ware’s fumble, although that was close. The Steelers responded by scoring a touchdown on a third and nine to make it 8-0 with the two point conversion.

Still, the Chiefs were in the game. Their first drive started off with a couple of first downs before stalling. There was hope they could drive down the field and respond.

Instead, the next drive essentially ended the game. Alex Smith threw a screen pass that was intercepted and set the Steelers up in Chiefs territory. With this offense, two scores and the game is over. A Chargers-like comeback only comes along every so often so you can’t count on that. The Steelers put up a touchdown anyway.

The Chiefs get down multiple scores and they become on dimensional. This has worked often for the Chiefs because they’ve generally had a good defense that doesn’t get down multiple scores too often. Alex Smith gets happy feet and starts throwing short of the sticks - well, even shorter of the sticks. The receivers and tight ends begin dropping passes. The play calling isn’t good because it’s not working.

I firmly believe this comes back to the way the Chiefs start. What is the problem?