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Andy Reid exits Chiefs postgame press conference with the quickness

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Andy Reid isn’t chatty with the media very often and he’s definitely not chatty after the Kansas City Chiefs lose. That was the case on Sunday night in Pittsburgh when Reid’s postgame press conference lasted about one minute.

Here is his opening statement: “Really we just have one injury with Knile Davis. Listen, this is my responsibility. We clearly didn’t play good enough as a football team, didn’t coach well enough. I take full responsibility for it. Get back to the drawing board and make sure we make it right. Time’s yours.”

There was one question I couldn’t quite hear and then he said: “Right from the get go we weren’t playing the way we normally do. That’s where we’re at.”

That was it! Not saying something after a game is something the media complains about but I don’t think most people really care. Of course Big Red was short. His team was trounced on national TV.

He did an interview with the Chiefs Radio Network with a similar answer: “Listen, this is my responsibility all the way around. You can ask me a million questions, it’s going to be the same answer here for you. I have to make sure I get my guys ready to play. We obviously weren’t there tonight. Being the head coach I have to make sure that takes place.”

He was also asked if Pittsburgh did anything that surprised them: “Not at all.”