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Is Mitch Schwartz’s streak of no missed snaps in jeopardy?

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One of the benefits to signing a player like Kansas City Chiefs RT Mitch Schwartz is his availability. He hasn’t missed a snap in his NFL career which is incredible when you consider how violent the game is and how many players get injured each season.

That streak of no missed snaps could be in jeopardy this weekend as Schwartz has not practiced the past two days with an ankle sprain.

Andy Reid said after last week’s game that this ankle injury has been reoccurring but he’s been playing through it. Schwartz hasn’t been listed on the injury report prior to this week so apparently it hasn’t been serious enough to affect his practice time until now.

The Chiefs have the bodies to replace him with Jah Reid and Bryan Witzmann. It’s not ideal but against the 28th ranked defense it could be worse.

If this isn’t a new injury, I’m wondering if the Chiefs aren’t just giving him some more time off of it this week to prepare to play on Sunday. He has 70 career games under his belt. I’m sure he could handle a few days without practice.

We’ll have a better idea of where things stand this afternoon when the Chiefs announce their injury report. It’s a good be that Schwartz will be listed as questionable.