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Predicting how the Chiefs will use Jamaal Charles against the Colts (if they use him)

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Update: Jamaal has been ruled out

The Kansas City Chiefs are entering Week 8 against the Indianapolis Colts with a question about Jamaal Charles’ availability. Sounds familiar, huh?

You know the deal with Jamaal. He was on his way to a comeback and then had some swelling in his knee a week ago, which limited him to just one carry against the Saints. He has been limited in two days of practice so far.

“It’s based on what he does in practice and how he’s feeling,” Chiefs OC Brad Childress said via quotes from the Chiefs. “Coach Reid addressed that. It’s about his knee being right. This is a violent game and you’ve got to be able to have all your faculties out there. We tell those guys, ‘Listen to the doctors and most importantly, listen to what your body is telling you.’ It’s important that he gets himself all the way back so he’s where he wants to be physically.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chiefs treated this similarly to last week where Jamaal is active but his playing time depends on how well the game is going. That’s basically what Andy Reid said when I asked him why Jamaal hardly played last week. Spencer Ware was busy balling out. That would be my current prediction on how this plays out.