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NFL picks Week 8: Chiefs fans should have trouble picking KC over Colts

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The Arrowhead Pride staff predictions for the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts game where the Chiefs are a 2.5-point road favorite. Find the rest of our Week 8 NFL picks here.

Chiefs 28 Colts 27

The Chiefs have a similar game plan as the past two weeks and barely come out on top thanks to winning the turnover battle and time of possession. -Joel Thorman

Chiefs 27 Colts 20

The Colts give me nightmares. They really do. I have more genuinely bad memories associated with the Colts than any other team in the NFL, which is impressive considering the Chiefs don't play them all THAT often. The only fun memory I can think of is Dwayne Bowe's ridiculous touchdown catch years ago. Also, Andrew Luck is ridiculously good, which is always scary.

That said, the Chiefs just got done facing a superior quarterback in Drew Brees (who is better than anyone in the league right now) and the defense held up. As long as the offense continues to play competently enough to not put the defense in awful situations, I think that trend will continue. People are sleeping on a defense that, in consecutive weeks, held the Raiders to 10 points (they average 29.2 in games not playing the Chiefs) and the Saints to 21 points (they average 31 in games not playing the Chiefs). Of course, that's likely because of the disaster against the Steelers, but that game is looking more like an anomaly as the weeks go by (crosses fingers, knocks on wood, grabs a 10-leaf clover).

I don't think the Colts have a defense that can stop the Chiefs offense from continuing to be efficient, and Spencer Ware is likely going to feast again. -MNChiefsfan

Chiefs 21 Colts 17

If I look at recent history, if I look at quarterbacks, if I look at offensive firepower or even if I look at my shaky knees, I’m going with the Colts. But my eyes cannot drift away from the coaches involved here, and I just cannot see any scenario in which Chuck Pagano isn’t more like Chuck Pa-goner. The Colts have enjoyed a nice run of success simply because they hit the lottery of all lotteries twice in a row (seriously, how do the Chiefs get Eric Fisher up top and the Colts get Andrew Luck?), and then they feast on the carcasses rotting in the AFC South. If you cannot make the adjustments and out-scheme Pagano when you have a more talented overall roster, you deserve to lose. -Matt Conner

Chiefs 20 Colts 31

This game is a carbon copy of last week's game, except the Chiefs are on the road, and the Colts have a slightly better defense than the Saints. Make no mistake, they're still bad, but as we've already seen, a bad defense can keep Alex Smith and the Chiefs down just fine. If Andrew Luck keeps the turnovers down as he has all year, the Colts will show Chiefs fans what they should already know: the defense has taken a huge step back, and the offense still isn't very good. -Clay Wendler

Chiefs 28 Colts 17

Spencer Ware is a difference maker. He provides the emotional and confidence lift when he (in the words of the great Marshawn Lynch) runs through a MFers face. He also helps provide balance to the offense and keep Alex Smith from having to throw 40-plus passes. Not to mention, he's developing a habit of taking passes 40-plus yards at a time.

The Chiefs can control the time of possession and keep Luck on the sidelines. The Chiefs have the better defense, run game and special teams. All they have to do is keep the Colts passing offense somewhat contained and they'll continue their win streak.

The San Diego game showed the Chiefs can overcome a big deficit while the Raiders and Colts games reminded us they are much better when they don't have to come from behind. Now, it's time to show they have come a long way since the last visit to Indy by getting a lead and running the Colts out of their own stadium. -Stagdsp

Chiefs 24 Colts 21

I've got a bad, bad feeling about this game. Myself along with every other Chiefs fan probably has Colts induced PTSD. It took everything I had to say the Chiefs would win this one. If the Chiefs turn the ball over even just once, I could see them losing this game. The Chiefs need three things to happen to win: 1) Alex Smith needs to be more efficient than Andrew Luck 2) the offense needs 100-plus rushing yards and 3) the Chiefs need to win the turnover battle. I am also very concerned about Andrew Luck's running ability in this game. I think the Colts offense will be able to score points, but I can't make myself believe the Chiefs will win if the Colts score 23 or more points because of Alex Smith's history so I went with 24-21 Chiefs. The defense is going to have to play another great game against a solid offense. Truth be told, I'll be shitting bricks for this one and I really hope the Chiefs win this game, because I want nothing more than to exorcise this demon. -Super_G