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What if Phillip Gaines can’t play vs. Colts?

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The Kansas City Chiefs say that rookie cornerback DJ White will not play against the Colts this weekend after surgery on a fractured hand. The news is concerning because the Chiefs have already been without Phillip Gaines for a few weeks. Gaines was limited at practice on Wednesday and while it’s hopeful he will play on Sunday in Indianapolis the Chiefs don’t know yet whether he’ll be able to go.

Someone asked us on Twitter: What if White AND Gaines can’t go? It brings up some interesting scenarios.

The Colts will have three receivers on the field most of the day which means three cornerbacks for the Chiefs. Beyond Marcus Peters and Steven Nelson, who would presumably start, the remaining depth chart includes Terrance Mitchell and Kenneth Acker, both of whom haven’t been here very long. Would the Chiefs play either of them a full game with like 50 snaps? Seems unlikely, doesn’t it?

The other option would be play Ron Parker at cornerback. He had some time in the slot in previous years so it wouldn’t be foreign to him but most of us probably agree he’s best used at safety. Then I guess Daniel Sorensen and Eric Murray would move up at safety.

The final option would be bringing a free agent in. That they haven’t done that yet tells me they probably feel Gaines has a good shot to play, which makes this question moot (until Gaines gets hurt again).