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Avoiding Marcus Peters? That’s a respect thing, Chiefs coach Andy Reid says

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The New Orleans Saints are quarterbacked by a guy who will probably be in Canton one day which is why it was so surprising to see Drew Brees avoid Marcus Peters for much of the day. Peters does have a ton of picks in his short career but we haven’t seen him get the shutdown corner treatment like this, let alone from a quarterback as good as Brees.

For Chiefs coach Andy Reid, that’s them showing respect for Peters and his abilities.

“I mean that’s a respect thing for Marcus,” Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs. “That doesn’t mean you can let down, obviously. I remember with Deion Sanders, that’s kind of how those things rolled. You kind of stayed away from him and went over to the other side. So, I’ve seen that before.”

It was interesting to see this compared to the Steelers approach. They went right at Peters on the first play of the game for a big catch. The Saints threw at him a couple of times but not much.

“Listen, the main thing is that you keep working, and working, and working and working at your game, and he’s willing to do that. Then, the other guys have to know that they’re going to get some action, and that’s okay. We’ve got good players there.”

The Chiefs corners DJ White and Steven Nelson did see plenty of looks last week against the Saints. Colts WR Tyler Hilton is among the most targeted receivers in the league so whoever is on him this week can expect the same even (It won’t be DJ White, who is out for this game).