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AHPKC Chiefs Podcast w/ Nick Wright

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AHPKC is the official podcast of Arrowhead Pride and can be found here every Wednesday throughout the season

Episode 12 of 2016. All of our prior episodes can be found here.

We spend the first 20 minutes rehashing the Chiefs vs. Saints game: Did we learn anything new about this Chiefs team after Sunday?

Then we are joined by former KC Sports Radio host - Nick Wright. Is he excited the Chiefs are competitive once again or does he look at them like they're in the exact same situation as they've been the past few years? How do the Chiefs stack up against the rest of the AFC? What's the dream scenario for a Chiefs Super Bowl run?

Finally, we catch up with Nick about his new job over at FS1 (NON-CHIEFS ALERT). What's it like to debate with Skip Bayless? What's been his favorite story since going national? How cool is it to be a featured personality on NBA2K17? And Nick's wild n' crazy idea about kickers and the NFL. Always entertaining to catch up with the former KC icon.

This week's AHPKC Chiefs Podcast...

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