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I can’t stop watching Chris Conley’s catch on 3rd and 17

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The play of the game for the Kansas City Chiefs in their win over the New Orleans Saints was either Tyreek Hill’s 38-yard touchdown catch or Daniel Sorensen’s 48-yard interception return for a touchdown. Another play we need to recognize is Chris Conley’s 18-yard catch on third and 17 in the fourth quarter. This kept the Chiefs drive alive with a little less than seven minutes left on the clock and it allowed the Chiefs to drive more time off the clock.

The play is a thing is of beauty. If you’ve been watching the Chiefs for a while you know this is not something they regularly do.

First, from Alex’s point of view. When he sits in the pocket this long I usually expect some happy feet or a busted play. Instead he fires one off as he’s getting hit.

Second, Conley was covered. Alex doesn’t make throws like this a whole lot. Why is that? Because those throws and these catches are really hard.

Please, just loop this catch a few times and appreciate this catch by Conley, who is making the grab AND keeping his feet in bounds.

My goodness that was a good play.