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Another angle on Alex Smith missing Jeremy Maclin deep

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In the Kansas City Chiefs win over the New Orleans Saints there was one play where it looked like Alex Smith completely missed Jeremy Maclin wide open down the field. I think most of you who saw the game remember this play. Check it out and note Maclin in the top right:

Maclin was visibly frustrated after that play as I was watching the game live. Looking at the replays, I could see why. It looked like Alex completely missed he was wide open.

The All-22 view of the game has come out and it’s a little easier to see what Alex was thinking. Look at where the defender was when Alex started to wind up to throw.

It’s still not a very good throw. He missed his guy underneath. But now I can see from Alex’s angle that Maclin wasn’t quite the miss that I thought it was. You could argue maybe that Alex should see the defender slowing down and still go deep but I’m not too upset about this one now.