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NFL power rankings: The Chiefs are ahead of the Raiders

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Week 8 NFL power rankings are here. The Kansas City Chiefs are at the bottom of the top 10 in most cases. They have some easier games (no jinx) coming up so they may not climb too high until they can beat perhaps a Denver or an Atlanta next month.

The Chiefs are regularly ahead of the Raiders despite Oakland holding onto first place in the AFC West. The Chiefs beat Oakland two weeks ago.

Here they are...

SB Nation: 7

Last week: 8


The Chiefs continue to find ways to win but does anyone fear them? They have a 4-2 record and the fourth-best turnover differential but only a plus-13 point differential. The Chiefs head to Indianapolis this week riding a two-game win streak. 9

Consider the win Sunday much more in line with what we expect from the Chiefs this season. Well, all except for all the quarterbacks who have torched the secondary late in games ( Roethlisberger in Week 4, Brees in Week 7), a trend that, thankfully, was put on hiatus in Week 6 versus the Raiders. Alex Smith, who had been averaging more than 40 pass attempts per game, was closer to his more familiar totals Sunday, throwing 24 high-percentage passes against the Saints. Spencer Ware once again assumed much of Jamaal Charles' workload with 131 scrimmage yards and a tug. Can't wait until Justin Houston comes back.

FOX Sports: 8

The Chiefs, sans Jamaal Charles for the most part, have flown under the radar in the exceptionally strong AFC West, but they’re no team to take lightly. The fact that they’ve won four games without any help from Charles is telling for what the future holds when he is fully healthy. And just wait until Justin Houston returns.

CBS Sports: 7

The Chiefs have won consecutive games after the bye and seem to be getting it rolling as they go to Indy to play the Colts this week.

USA Today: 10

The good news? Their winning streak at Arrowhead has reached nine games. The bad news? Four of their next six are on the road.