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Chiefs top graded players vs. Saints might surprise you

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If I told you that Pro Football Focus had Chiefs safety Daniel Sorensen as the highest graded Chief on the defensive side of the ball, you would believe me. Sorensen had a pick returned for a touchdown along with a sack of Drew Brees. It was a good day for Dirty Dan.

If I told you that inside linebacker Ramik Wilson was the second highest graded defensive Chief, you probably would be surprised. He was very productive with eight tackles in 28 snaps (snap counts via the NFL). The eye test told Andy Reid that Ramik, who was brought up from the practice squad this week, was slow starting but fast finishing.

“He did some good things,” Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs. “It looked fast initially, but as the game went on, I thought he started catching up a little with the speed of it. When you’ve been on the practice squad and get thrown into a game against a pretty good offense, things are going to be quick initially. As the game went on, I thought he handled it well.”

On the Saints side of things, Mark Ingram graded highly. I can buy that because he was doing well. The Chiefs got up by 14 points in the first half which luckily took some of the Saints running game out of play.

Check out the PFF grades here.