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Saints player thought there was some home cookin’, Chiefs would disagree

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One of the biggest plays in Sunday’s win over the New Orleans Saints was Alex Smith’s 18-yard pass to Chris Conley on third and 17. It was a huge play to extend the drive and eventually help give the Kansas City Chiefs a victory.

The play was reviewed and upheld as a catch by the refs. One Saints player thought there was some home cookin’ with the call.

"I kind of seen his foot was on the white line," Saints rookie cornerback Ken Crawley said as quoted by old friend Herbie Teope. "I mean, they're at their house, so most likely they're going to get all the calls."

The Chiefs of course would disagree with that. First, he was in bounds. Second, Alex Smith took a few too many arguably late shots. There were a couple of them near the sideline and another one when he slid when he was still hit.

I asked Andy Reid about those shots and he pointed out one near the Chiefs sideline that he felt was a little much.

“I question the one on the sideline there,” Reid said (not the one where Charcandrick West was penalized). “The ball was gone, and the guy dove and wrapped himself around him. He was probably lucky he didn’t get hurt there.”

It goes both ways.