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Chiefs safety “Dirty Dan” Sorensen had a good day’s work against a future Hall of Fame QB

When was the last time the media was waiting on Daniel Sorensen? The Kansas City Chiefs safety was one of the stars of the game yet he was nowhere to be seen after the game.

As it turns out, he was out on the field hanging with his one and a half year old son. It was the best game of his career to date and his son got to see it. Well, actually, his son didn’t see it because he slept the whole time. But at least he was there!

The media waited on Sorensen because he made the play of the game with a 48-yard interception returned for a touchdown. I asked Sorensen to walk through the interception with me, which came on a tip drill.

“I was moving that way when the ball was thrown,” Sorensen said, “it’s tipped up in the air. It really fell right in my lap. I got it and I was thinking, go as fast as you can. Don’t let anyone touch you.”

The last time he played offense was as a tight end in high school so I was impressed with his ability to cut through the defense and get into the end zone.

That wasn’t all though. He later sacked Drew Brees.

“The tackle and the guard both blocked our two front guys, the tackle and the end,” Sorensen said of his sack. “It came right open. It was a good scheme by our defensive coaches they drew up this week. I came free which doesn’t happen often.”

Chiefs coach Andy Reid also revealed a nickname for Sorensen: Dirty Dan.

“The guy works so hard that you’re glad that happened,” Reid said. “Everybody on the sideline was doing the Dirty Dan chant. He did a nice job.”

A touchdown and a sack on a Hall of Fame quarterback is a good day’s work. Even better when you can walk out of the stadium with your little guy in your arms. (Can anyone tell I am a new-ish father and really enjoyed this moment?)

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