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How long can Chiefs keep this going?

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The Kansas City Chiefs have now won two straight games after starting the season 2-2 and it sure looks like they’re primed to keep it going. The Chiefs are road favorites in Indy next week and will be favored again against the Jaguars the next week. Two more wins would make the Chiefs 6-2 which I am told is a good record.

It’s not just the next few weeks. It’s the entire schedule. It’s the Panthers who could be 1-7 when the Chiefs come to town. It’s three home December games. I’m really liking the way this thing is setting up.

There’s a two-game stretch that might tell us more about this team than any other - at Falcons and at Broncos. Atlanta was exposed against the Chargers (a home loss for the Falcons) and the Broncos have flaws but that’s a good test for this team.

Home field advantage in the playoffs is important for any team who wants to make a run but especially this team. The Chiefs HAVE to keep their foot on the gas.

Chiefs remaining schedule

at Colts


at Panthers


at Falcons

at Broncos




at Chargers