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AFC West standings continue to get more competitive with Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders wins

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The Kansas City Chiefs weren’t the only ones to win on Sunday. The two other AFC West teams playing - San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders - did too. That means the AFC West continues to become more competitive.

Raiders (5-2)

Chiefs (4-2)

Broncos (4-2)

Chargers (3-4)

The Raiders beat one of the few teams who have been worse than them in recent years in the Jaguars, 33-16. Oakland has another winnable one coming up against Tampa Bay.

The Chargers won a 33-30 shootout with one of the supposedly best teams in the league in Atlanta. The Chargers will get overlooked all season but they are good bad team. Or maybe it’s a bad good team. I’m not sure but they don’t remind me of a last place team. That comeback win in Week 1 is looking pretty good right now, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, the Broncos play the Texans on Monday night. The Chiefs are currently tied with the Broncos for second place and will stay there no matter what happens with Denver on Monday. The Broncos can tie Oakland for first place with a win or drop all the way down to third place with a loss.