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Saints-Chiefs final score: KC shows who they are in 27-21 victory

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The Kansas City Chiefs beat the New Orleans Saints 27-21 on Sunday to move to 4-2 on the season.

The big takeaway here is that the Chiefs defense is legit. Very, very legit. They held the Raiders to 10 points last week and the Saints to 21 points this week. They have to feel very good about that, especially when you factor in that Justin Houston is not even playing yet and one of their top three corners was hurt for this game.

The defense playing like that, Alex Smith with another efficient day, Spencer Ware beastin’ ... This is who the Chiefs want to be.

Final stats are here

Another big day for Spencer Ware

77 rushing yards, 54 receiving yards. This is becoming a big of a thing. Ware is playing so well that I’m not sure I want to take him off the field even for Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs were down 7-0 and Ware kicked things off with a 46-yard screen pass touchdown. He caught the pass and did such a good job in the open field avoiding blockers and turning on another gear to run away from the defenders.

This guy is much better than I thought. He can do way more than I thought. He needs to stay on the field.

Strong performance from the Chiefs defense

The turnovers were huge - Daniel Sorensen’s interception (for a touchdown) and Marcus Peters’ fumble recovery. The rest of it was just really good defense from the Chiefs. They didn’t break. The Saints were able to move the ball as evidenced by Drew Brees going over 300 yards but the Chiefs clamped down when they had to.

Daniel Sorensen, take a bow

What a day for Sorensen. He did the tip drill and picked off a pass from Drew Brees. Not only that but he returned it 48 yards for the touchdown. It was a really solid return and impressive catch too. A few plays later he had a sack on Drew Brees and a few other tackles. Watch the whole play here.

Can’t complain about a day like that from your third safety.

Tyreek Hill shows off his hands

This is why Tyreek Hill is a receiver. This is a 38-yard touchdown pass from Alex Smith:

Tyreek Hill is so fast that any time he is in a one on one situation I would send him on a go route and fling it up there and hope for the best. He does have the speed but that doesn’t mean much without the hands. We talked in training camp about how good his hands look and now he’s showing it. The one-handed catch!

Other stuff

Jamaal Charles was active but only had one carry. I’m guessing they activated him in case another back was hurt.

The Saints had a few Arrowhead penalties (false starts). Good job, Arrowhead.

Alex Smith appeared to miss a pretty wide open Jeremy Maclin on a deep pass. Maclin was visibly frustrated the ball went elsewhere.

Chris Conley had an awesome sideline catch to convert a third and 17. He was fired up after the play. Whew.

I forgot Saints’ Cam Jordan and Chiefs’ Mitch Schwartz both went to Cal together. They went against each today.

De’Anthony Thomas was active for the game. He had two catches.

Solid day overall for the Chiefs o-line. Alex had time.

Tamba Hali had two offsides penalties on one drive. One of them negated a Dee Ford sack and another negated a third down stop. If the Chiefs lost this game, this would be one of the headliners.

The Chiefs allowed a 300-yard passer for the first time since Week 4 last year (Bengals game).