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The Chiefs can be very dangerous if Tyreek Hill can keep making catches like this

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Throughout training camp we kept telling you that Tyreek Hill was making plays in the passing game. His hands looked legit as he was catching everything thrown his way. It’s hard to tell what will translate in camp and what won’t. It appears after a few weeks that Tyreek’s hands are indeed the real deal.

Alex Smith wound up and fired one deep from 38 yards out. Check out Tyreek’s ability to adjust while the ball is in the air and make the catch.

That’s not easy to do, especially with someone draped all over you like this play. He has so much speed that you have to consider going to him if he’s in a one on situation as he was here. With those hands, Tyreek can make teams pay.

This is a good picture of the one-handed catch: