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NFL picks Week 7: Can Chiefs hang in a shootout with Saints

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Making our predictions for the Chiefs-Saints game today ... Find the rest of my picks at SB Nation.

Saints 24 Chiefs 28

The Chiefs win but the Saints cover. KC holds a fourth quarter lead with lots of Spencer Ware. Similar game as Oakland last week. -Joel Thorman

Saints 24 Chiefs 21

I hate to say this, write this, think this. I think the Chiefs can and should win this game. I think the Saints are definitely the lesser team. But I have a feeling, a sinking feeling. With an injury to Phillip Gaines and a general lack of experience in the secondary, I think Drew Brees will find a way to pick apart D.J. White and other susceptible Chiefs. I also think the Chiefs need to throw yet another curveball in the first half of the season, until they youngsters mature more and Justin Houston comes back. I’m still a believer in good things for this roster, but I think this week confounds. -Matt Conner

Saints 24 Chiefs 28

Let's see...the Chiefs against a team with a high-powered passing attack, no RB and no defense. That sounds familiar. A week after picking the Chiefs to get embarrassed in the same situation, and ending up somewhat embarrassed myself, logically I can't pick against them this week, especially at home. Logic prevails, and so will the Chiefs, 28-24. -Clay Wendler

Saints 17 Chiefs 31

I believe the Chiefs have begun to turn the corner on the season, and they will keep it going this week. The defense will struggle at times with Brees, like they do with all good QBs. But, they'll do enough to slow them down with Chris Jones causing havoc upfront. The offense will control the game with both Ware and Charles having big days. I could see 100 total yards each against this Saints defense. I will actually be at Arrowhead this time, so I hope to celebrate a win with y'all. -stagdsp

Saints 20 Chiefs 27

The Saints are traditionally a worse offense outside than they are indoors, especially at home. The Chiefs just shut down what was supposed to be one of the best offenses in the league. Now, Drew Brees is a lot better than Derek Carr, but I think the defense is finding its stride a bit (still waiting on Justin Houston, whose return is what will allow the defense to reach its full potential) and will handle him at least decently. On the other side of the ball, the Saints defense isn't, from all appearances, any better than the Raiders. The Chiefs found a formula that works against the Raiders: run a balanced attack early using the ridiculously talented backfield of Jamaal Charles and Spencer Ware to gash teams on the ground while taking advantage of the soft coverages that run game provides, then ground and pound later in order to keep the ball away from the opposing team's offense. Rinse, repeat. Andy Reid might be stubborn, but I don't think there's any way he misses the strengths of this Chiefs team, and he'll game plan a way to base the offense around the best backfield in the NFL. -MNChiefsfan

Saints 20 Chiefs 30

The Saints move the ball all day but the Chiefs are able to hold them to two field goals and two touchdowns somehow. Alex Smith has another solid game and throws for two passing touchdowns. Jamaal Charles also gets in on the fun as he breaks a long run for a TD. The key to this game is the Chiefs defense forces a turnover or two and the Saints defense doesn't. -Super_G