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Chiefs hope Jamaal Charles can be active with limited workload, will test him pregame

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The Kansas City Chiefs inactives will be out in about two hours and it sounds like Jamaal Charles’ name will not be on there as the Chiefs are optimistic he can play in this game. He was listed as questionable with a limited Friday practice due to swelling in his knee. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the Chiefs are hopeful he can have a limited workload but will test him in pregame.

Jamaal had two touches in his first game back in Week 4 and then 11 touches in his second game back in Week 6. So limited based on that? We don’t need 20-plus touches out of Jamaal and the Chiefs have a lot of experience winning without him last year so I’m not too concerned. I’m more concerned, as I’m sure the Chiefs are, that this is just a minor hiccup.