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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs-Saints game day, gimmicky offense, Andy Reid's 300th game

Chiefs game plan: Scouting the New Orleans Saints (2-3) | The KC Star

The Saints’ run defense has not been good through five games, and given the way the Chiefs pounded away at Oakland on Sunday — to the tune of 183 yards in 40 carries, a solid 4.6-yard average — they owe it to themselves to see if they can keep it up. Quarterback Alex Smith seemed to revel in the ground-heavy attack, managing the game and distributing the ball in a super-efficient 19-for-22 performance. The Raiders have a more talented defense than the Saints do, so why not see if a repeat performance is in order?

Chiefs’ Andy Reid rolls his 300 game, yawns, but others impressed | The KC Star

"He's always been a gentleman, a great football coach and a real good friend," Saints coach Sean Payton said. "We watch his film all the time. There are a handful of tapes that we're always going to watch offensively, and his would be one of them."

Payton was a member of the outgoing staff in Philadelphia when Reid was hired by the Eagles from the Packers' staff for the 1999 season. Had he not taken the Eagles job, Reid probably was headed for Seattle with Mike Holmgren to become the Seahawks' offensive coordinator.

‘Gimmicky’ or not, Chiefs aren’t apologizing for their style of offense | The KC Star

That gameplan caught the eye of New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, whose team will face the Chiefs on Sunday. Payton noted the shifts and movements the Chiefs used against the Raiders.

"Well, I think one of the things that it can do is it can slow down a defense's adjustments," Payton said. "They do a real good job each week of building in some run-pass options, if the look's clean. They're able to hand it off and then, they've got real good answers if you're trying to pressure Alex or if you're trying to drop an extra guy down (into the box). You have to play the leverage a correct way on some of these bubbles and smokes."

10 things to watch in NFL Week 7 schedule: Bradford, Osweiler, Del Rio vs. former team |

There were a lot of people who thought Brees was slowing down. He's proven them all wrong. He has 14 touchdown passes in five games, and this week he faces a Chiefs team with a hurting secondary. He is on the road, which hasn't been as kind to him in his career.

Chiefs vs. Saints: Game Preview |

"He’s one of the really great quarterbacks of all time," Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton said this week. "He’s very bright. He understands the defenses and coverages. Even within coverages, he understands leverage. He knows how a guy is playing, ‘I know this guys is going to be open or I can get him open by throwing him open.’ So, you’re not going to fool a guy like him very often."

Kansas City Chiefs encouraged by early returns with Justin Houston | ESPN

"Justin looks good," Johnson said of fellow linebacker Justin Houston, who returned to practice this week. "He looks better than I thought he would. I thought he’d be limping just a little bit. But there was no limp to him. Of course he hasn’t banged up against anybody, so that’s still to be seen.

Madden Simulation - New Orleans Saints vs. Kansas City Chiefs |

The New Orleans Saints bent, but didn’t break. Kansas City’s fourth quarter surge, in which it put up 10 unanswered points, came up short, allowing New Orleans to come away with a 24-20 road win. The Saints kept the Chiefs at bay for most of the game, but could never quite land the knockout punch to put the game on ice. New Orleans led 17-3 early in the third after Mark Ingram’s outstanding 20-yard touchdown run, which left Kansas City’s Dee Ford flying and Spencer Ware in need of some ice.

Beef With 'Rief: Can Saints make it three straight wins when they head to KC? | WDSU

So to answer that question: Yes, the Saints can have success. But we would be crazy to think they will put up the numbers they’ve been throwing up at home. We won’t see Brees throw for 465 yards and four touchdowns on the Chiefs. If you’re trying to remember the last time Brees had a dominating, monster game on the road, you have to look at the Chicago Bears game in 2014, when he passed for 375 yards and three touchdowns. Last year against the Falcons and Bucs, he threw for over 300 yards in each game and a total of three touchdowns, but it wasn’t total domination. They won those games in very close fashion.

Can Chiefs transfer what worked against Oakland, week to week? KCTV5

His work showed against Oakland as elaborate formations with tight ends in the backfield and fullbacks running routes were all used. Changing formations quickly at the line can put the defense into mass confusion, which happened on Charles’ 33-yard run. Reid won’t have another off week to prepare, but the offense cannot revert to the lackluster schemes used against Pittsburgh and Houston.

Saints facing uphill climb at Chiefs | The Advertiser

The most fascinating aspect of this matchup will be the approach Sean Payton and Drew Brees take with the offense. The Chiefs are an aggressive, opportunistic defense that not only expects to turn you over, but to score off those turnovers. With that in mind, will we see the high-flying Saints’ offense that we saw against Oakland and Carolina or the more conservative attack the Saints employed against New York and San Diego?

Sean Payton: Too early to say Saints have 'momentum' | ESPN

"I think we’re an ascending team, we’re trending upwards, we’re getting some guys healthy. I think we’re heading in the right direction," quarterback Drew Brees said. "But, man, the challenges continue to come. Going on the road at Kansas City is gonna be an extremely tough place to get a win."

The Patriots own the AFC and it’s not even close |

Like most Andy Reid teams, the Chiefs will probably be in the race until the end. But a team that’s tied for 18th in points scored and ranked 10th in points allowed can’t be expected to make a legitimate run. Defensive end Justin Houston will be back from injury soon, though, which should give the Chiefs a boost.

Kansas City Chiefs: Chris Jones Unleashed | Arrowhead Addict

With Jones playing next to Dontari Poe, the Chiefs should become much better at blowing up the interior of opposing offensive lines. I don’t see an offense being able to double team both Jones & Poe and I don’t see many lineman being able to block either one on one.  Once the middle of the line starts collapsing the pocket, it will push the quarterback back into the outside rush attacks of Tamba Hali and Dee Ford.

Chiefs Sam Barrington ready for opportunity at linebacker | Chiefs Digest

Johnson indicated Thursday that Sam Barrington would likely get first crack at the job. "You got Sam that’s stepping in for Justin March," Johnson said. "You got Ramik Wilson who’s played right, so he’ll be ready to go at that position too."

Saints/Chiefs gameday: Rush defense faces stern test against Spencer Ware and Jamaal Charles | Saints |

The Saints will have to figure out how to make things work in the secondary without starting cornerback Sterling Moore. That means moving forward with B.W. Webb, Ken Crawley, De’Vante Harris and Brian Dixon. It seems like a safe bet that this will be another week that is heavy on zone coverages.

Drew Brees, Sean Payton seek first 4-game streak of TDs on opening drives |

The New Orleans Saints have opened their last three games the same way -- with a touchdown. What's more, each of those touchdowns came on drives that measured 75 yards, with each following a scripted run-to-pass ratio sought by most teams through the course of a game.

AFC notes: Bills look to extend win streak to five games with trip to Miami | LA Times

All 10 meetings between the Chiefs and the Saints have been decided by 10 points or fewer. Kansas City hasn’t lost at home since Oct. 11, 2015.

Fantasy football projections, Week 7: Saints-Chiefs featuring Drew Brees, Brandin Cooks, Spencer Ware, more |

Perhaps wide receiver Jeremy Maclin can help out both of his running backs. Maclin was largely held in check against Oakland. He did catch all of his targets but there were only three of them and he finished with 49 yards. Anyone expecting a big season from Kansas City’s No. 1 wideout has to be disappointed. He has just one touchdown this season and that came in the opening week. Perhaps a matchup against a soft Saints secondary unit will reinvigorate the veteran pass catcher.