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All eyes on a questionable Jamaal Charles before Chiefs-Saints

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UPDATE: Chiefs optimistic he can play

We were all feeling good about Jamaal Charles’ return with 11 touches last week. He went through a solid week of practice and with a weak Saints defense coming up we thought this could be a big game for him.

Then Friday came where Jamaal was limited in practice and listed as questionable with swelling in his knee. Hmm.

That this came on Friday is a concern here. Players that are hurt in a game usually have a week to recover. Jamaal has just a couple of days to recover. Add in the fact that Jamaal has been coming off an ACL injury - an injury in which the Chiefs were extremely cautious - and you’re setting the stage for Jamaal to have a limited role ... if he plays at all.

I have no idea how the Chiefs will handle it. I suspect they’re going to be as cautious as you think they are and either limit him quite a bit or deactivate him. As all Chiefs fans know, the Chiefs have the luxury of considering not playing him because of the terrific job Spencer Ware has done this season.

This is a bump in the road. The Chiefs are hoping this doesn’t turn into anything more.