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Saints-Chiefs: Don’t expect to see Marcus Peters vs. Brandin Cooks very often

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I talked with our Saints blog Canal Street Chronicles earlier this week and the first thing I said was that I’m excited to see the Brandin Cooks vs. Marcus Peters matchup on Sunday at Arrowhead. Cooks is coming off a 173-yard game and is one of the better young receivers in the game (that I wanted the Chiefs to draft) while Peters leads the league in touchdowns interceptions. Our MNChiefsfan actually reviewed their college matchups after Peters was drafted.

Unfortunately, we shouldn’t expect to see that one on one very often this weekend. I caught this note from ESPN fantasy writer Mike Clay:

The Chiefs never shadow and Peters lines up at left corner 91 percent of the time. Cooks has lined up across from that spot on only 29 percent of his pass routes this season.

To be honest, I’m kinda glad this is the case. Peters is terrific but the faster receivers like Cooks can be a problem, especially with those double moves. It’s not going to be raining this weekend so the ball won’t be bogged down causing Drew Brees to throw ducks like it did to Derek Carr last weekend, which Peters took advantage of.

Let Peters lock down the left side of the field and shade your help to Cooks’ side. We’re also going to have to accept that Drew Brees is going to get you a few times. He’s averaging well over 300 yards per game.