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Chiefs DC Bob Sutton on Justin Houston's practice this week

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Justin Houston is kiiiind of an important player so I wanted to make sure I share everything KC Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton said about him in his media availability on Thursday. The whole transcript is below. Houston is not likely to play this weekend against the Saints but he is back at practice this week for the first time this year.

Q: How did Justin Houston look at practice yesterday?

Sutton: "I thought he did good. As you guys know, he did a very limited amount in individual. He did a little bit of scout team stuff. I think it was another step forward in this whole process. Hopefully, he's getting closer and closer to returning. We've got to be patient, and smart and see where he's at."

Q: How do you know when he's ready? What signs can you see as a coach?

Sutton: "I don't know if a coach can really tell you that. I think he has to be the guy that says, ‘Hey, I feel good. I'm okay. I'm ready to roll and go.' There's a process -€” just like we talked about. EB [Eric Berry] when he came back -€” even when you get back in there -€” there's a process you go through with your reaction time, you have to be tested. Your reaction time -€” that comes back. You just have to see it enough times, see it at that speed. So, I think that's the final step. You get used to seeing things moving fast and you go. Obviously, how hard we do in practice is not as fast as a game."

Q: There's nothing that you need to see from here from Justin Houston to be ready?

Sutton: "Well, I think you see him in practice and you make a judgment and say, ‘Hey, he's pretty close.' If you see that he can't do certain things -€” he can't break, or he can't turn, or he can't change direction -€” then, you're going to know. Those would be obvious to us and probably him as well. I'm sure every player as he gets close thinks, ‘I'm definitely ready. I'm ready to go, and I want to get back out here and get going.' That's why I say you have to be careful and patient as a coach, as much as we want him back. As soon as we can get him back -€” we want him back. So, he can be as close to 100 percent as possible."