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Chiefs know screen passes in the red zone haven’t been working as well this year

It’s one of those things that drives me crazy watching the Kansas City Chiefs. How can Andy Reid be such a good play caller at times to drive the Chiefs down into the red zone only to start throwing screen passes on the goal line (Dontari Poe not included because that was awesome) or getting cute with Jeremy Maclin throwing a pass. Sometimes don’t you want to scream to Andy, “LET SPENCER WARE RUN THE BALL UP THE GUT.” I know I do (and have).

Chiefs OC Matt Nagy was asked about those screen passes in the red zone and why the Chiefs seem to like them.

“We’ve had success with some of that in the past,” Nagy said via quotes from the Chiefs. “Obviously, this year, it hasn’t been as successful and we understand that. Teams have seen it and they’ve scouted it.”

Nagy went on to say that they’ll have to decide if that’s something they’ll want to keep doing. It sure seems like a core part of their offense so I imagine it will live on in some fashion.

The Chiefs are around the middle of the pack in the red zone scoring, a little lower than they were last year. The Saints are the top team in the red zone, tied with the Raiders.

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