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Chiefs would be underdogs in just two more games this season

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The KC Star’s Sam Mellinger has an article out you should go check out. It got me pretty damn excited about what this Kansas City Chiefs team can do. This line especially: “The AFC West could be decided Christmas Night at Arrowhead Stadium, and wouldn’t every Chiefs fan take that?”

Another section of Sam’s article stood out where he spoke with Bovada about the Chiefs point spreads the rest of the season. As of today, the Chiefs would be underdogs just two more times this season - at Denver and at Atlanta. They would be a pick’em at the Colts and at the Panthers, both of whom look like bad teams right now. This could change with a big injury or something else but it’s a cool look at how this Chiefs team is viewed.

It’s also a reminder that the oddsmakers have loved the Chiefs more than Chiefs fans have. The Chiefs were favorites on the road against the division leader last weekend in Oakland. The Colts and Panthers once looked like likely losses. Now, it’s like our electorate map ... everything suddenly appears to be on the table (/lights comment section on fire).

Here’s the rest of the schedule:


at Colts


at Panthers


at Broncos

at Falcons




at Chargers