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Chiefs lose to Steelers; where does this rank among worst KC losses?

So that was bad. The Kansas City Chiefs were blown out on national TV, 43-14. Final stats are here. I’m not even sure national TV is the right word here because I couldn’t blame you if you tuned out in the first quarter when the Chiefs were down 22-0.

You can tell the Chiefs are in for a very bad game when their special teams aren’t good. And they weren’t good in this game. Knile Davis somehow got stuck inside the five on a kick return. Cairo Santos missed a field goal thanks to a funky snap. Dustin Colquitt shanked a punt. DUSTIN COLQUITT!

The Chiefs ran up against a very, very good team. Not unlike the Chiefs 2006 game in Pittsburgh when they got down 31-0 and ended up losing 45-7. Ben Roethlisberger and those receivers, especially Antonio Brown, are so good. The Steelers have one of the best receivers, running backs and quarterback. They’re going to be a tough out.

Danny Parkins nails it here I think. Those first two turnovers and it was over. I guess that’s the good thing about Andy Reid’s teams. You can tell pretty early on what kinda day it’s going to be.

This isn’t a fire Andy Reid game but it is a very bad game. One of the worst in recent memory. The Chiefs have had some bad teams not all that long ago but these losses are worse when you’re a good team. One of our Twitter followers (@BrianMcGannon) threw out a few of the Chiefs worst games he’s seen so I decided to take a closer look at some of these. Does this one in Pittsburgh belong on the list?

(The first one is obviously the Colts playoff game. It’s still too soon though so let’s not even mention that one)

Monday Night Meltdown

One of the most infamous games in Chiefs history. This basically sealed the end of Marty in KC after the 1998 season. Derrick Thomas and the Chiefs defense had embarrassing personal fouls.

Ravens Wild Card game

The last time the Chiefs won the AFC West in 2010 they hosted the Ravens in the Wild Card round. The Ravens dominated them 30-7. Jamaal Charles had a big run and that was about it. To this day I have nightmares about those crossing routes.

Titans season opener

Brian didn’t include this on his list but it should be. This is what we always refer to as one of those bizarre Andy Reid losses. For them to look so bad in the season opener ...

Bills / Lions in 2011

The year they’re coming off a division title:

Week 1, 41-7 loss to the Bills and Eric Berry tears his ACL.

Week 2, 48-3 loss to the Lions and Jamaal Charles tears his ACL.

Steelers game

Chris Conley is the only positive I’m taking out of this game. He played pretty well. Tyreek Hill had a cool touchdown. Other than that there’s nothing to take from this. It’s early enough the Chiefs can and probably will turn things around. But man this one sucked. The Chiefs looked like they did not belong on the same field with the Steelers or with the college teams playing at Heinz Field the night before.

What else? The Bears game last year? There’s gotta be some awful ones in those 2007-12 years I’m forgetting.

It's Game Time.

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