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Chiefs-Steelers picks: Will Jamaal Charles or Le’Veon Bell make the difference?

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The Arrowhead Pride staff makes their picks for Chiefs-Steelers...

Chiefs 20 Steelers 24

The Chiefs can cover (although now I see the line is down to 3.5 in some places) but winning in Pittsburgh is too difficult for a team that hasn’t figured out they need to play offense too. -Joel Thorman

Chiefs 24, Steelers 13

I think the Steelers could definitely win with the return of Le’Veon Bell and, of course, the presence of Antonio Brown. But the Chiefs have a stout defense that’s getting better each week and offensive weapons of their own against a lackluster pass rush and downright horrible secondary. -Matt Conner

Steelers 34, Chiefs 21

The Chiefs and their dreadful offense aren't ready to face a future HOF QB and top AFC squad on the road and remotely compete. This won't even be as close as the dismal score indicates. A garbage time TD will hopefully give them something to build on in future weeks. For safety's sake, I hope Jamaal Charles isn't on the field this week, because the Steelers are going to pound on the Chiefs after a bad outing against the Eagles last week. -Clay Wendler

Chiefs 31, Steelers 28

This will be a significant challenge for the resurgent Chiefs defense. I expect the Steelers to move the ball. Antonio Brown will get his yards and a touchdown or two, but the Chiefs run defense will hold up. It's all about the Chiefs offense this week; execute and they win. I am predicting a last minute field goal to get to 3-1. -Stagdsp

Chiefs 24 Steelers 31

I want to believe. The Chiefs defense has looked exceptional over the last few weeks, with the secondary in particular plane as well as I've ever seen them play. However, I can't ignore the fact that the Steelers may well have the best offense in football when Le’Veon Bell is in the mix. The offense hasn't shown me enough to make you think you can keep up in anything resembling a shootout. -MNchiefsfan

Chiefs 30 Steelers 17

I am going full homer with this pick, but I just can't temper my optimism with this game. A very similar offense in the Eagles just absolutely shredded the Steelers defense last week. I can't help but think the Chiefs offense will have a good game against the Steelers. Compile that with the fact Big Ben already has four interceptions on the year and the Chiefs are exploding with confidence after a six-pick game against the Jets. The Chiefs also haven't won a Sunday night game in years, and they're due to take that frustration out on the Steelers. I think the Chiefs will beat the crap out of the Steelers ... Now watch the exact opposite happen and I look like an idiot, but hey, I enjoy a little risk in my life. -Super_G