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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs 10/2

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Game day KC Chiefs news

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Chiefs No. 1 task? Stopping Steelers special connection | The KC Star

That's something Chiefs defensive lineman Nick Williams can attest to. As a seventh-round pick of the Steelers in 2013, he got to watch Roethlisberger and Brown do their thing for a little over a year before his release.

Williams, 26, has been a Chief for a few years now, but he never forgot the connection those two shared.

"They just clicked, on and off the field, for real," Williams said. "You want to be close with whoever you're working with. That really translates over to the field."

The Simple Truth: How things will shake out in week 4 vs. Kansas City Chiefs | Behind the Steel Curtain

Why the Chiefs Will Win: If the Steelers have not fixed the things that led to the week three beat down, the Chiefs will hang 30-plus points on the Steelers and the Pittsburgh offense will play catch up throughout.

Steelers Film Room: How the Chiefs offense can spell trouble K-E-L-C-E | Behind the Steel Curtain

Something they've had in recent years, though, hearkens back to the days of All-World tight  end Tony Gonzalez -- and then some. His name is Travis Kelce, and he's continuing a tradition of excellent receiving tight ends in Kansas City. In fact, he may arguably be the second-best tight end in the NFL right now, behind Rob Gronkowski. I could simply call Kelce a "beast" and that would be sufficient. But it doesn't do justice to what he is capable of. He has three main traits that all come together in the complete package.

Chiefs vs. Steelers: Game Preview |

"You get ready to play under the lights," quarterback Alex Smith, whose Kansas City Chiefs (2-1) take on the Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) this Sunday night, said this week. "As a pro, that happens less and less. These are primetime games with everybody watching and they’re fun—you embrace them. It will be an amazing atmosphere with a ton of energy." Heinz Field in Pittsburgh has been good to the Steelers in recent years. During the past three seasons, the Steelers are 13-4 during the regular season at home.

Video: SNF Marcus Peters vs. Antonio Brown

Key matchup: Steelers WR Sammie Coates vs. Chiefs CB Marcus Peters | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"There will be times we make decisions to work away from him," said offensive coordinator Todd Haley said. "Talk about good ball skills.When the ball is in the air, he tracks it like a receiver. So when you are running routes over there, you have to be very precise, you have to be very exact in what you’re trying to do and you have to be aggressive to the football."

Five matchups that will define NFL Week 4: How will Le'Veon Bell shift Steelers? | USA Today

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said the team would monitor conditioning, but said, "rest assured, you're going to see Le'Veon Bell and probably a lot of him on Sunday." How Bell fares against a Kansas City Chiefs defense tied for 24th in rushing defense might set the tone for Sunday night's showdown.

Kansas City Chiefs: Historically Bad on Sunday Night Football | KC Kingdom

NBC began airing Sunday Night Football and that became the "hottest" game of the week. Now, Monday Night Football typically plays host to pretty bad match-ups. Since the current format of Sunday Night Football began a decade ago, the KC Chiefs have not won a game on Sunday night. They’ve gone 0-4 and usually, don’t even make it look close.

Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers 23, Kansas City Chiefs 16 | ESPN

It also obscured something else just as important. The Chiefs are rotten on offense. They have just one offensive touchdown in their past two games. That’s weak even considering they weren’t necessarily playing for points after getting a big early lead against New York. Blame Spencer Ware's goal-line fumble against the Jets, dropped passes, penalties and whatever else, but the fact is the Chiefs aren’t getting it done when they have the ball.