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He's back: Justin Houston will practice for Chiefs on Wednesday

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Welcome back, Justin Houston. The Kansas City Chiefs announced that Houston will practice for the Chiefs on Wednesday.

This marks the first practice of the year for him after being placed on the PUP list before the season. It starts the 21-day window where the Chiefs will either add him to the active roster or put him on IR. The latter doesn’t sound likely so we’re counting it down.

This means that Houston is back at practice (individual drills for now) and working towards playing again. It does NOT mean that Houston will play this weekend against the Saints. Andy Reid hasn’t said definitively either way (he said he probably won’t play) but look at how the Chiefs handled Jamaal Charles and his ACL tear - with extreme caution - and I’m wondering if Houston will be treated similarly. I would guess he’s not back for a couple more weeks but I’m not doctor so we’ll see.

Either way, one big step closer to the Chiefs pass rush becoming whole again.