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Chiefs’ Derrick Johnson would leave pass interference the way it is

The ending of the Falcons-Seahawks game last week where it appeared there should have been a late pass interference flag against the Seattle has brought back the debate over whether pass interference should be reviewable.

I think it probably should, even though I acknowledge it could slow the game down and there could be other problems with it. Pass interference can be a major penalty - as it would have been in the Atlanta-Seattle game - so I guess I’m OK with confirming that it’s an actual penalty. The problem is that I think you open up a can of worms with that because, like holding, you could call pass interference on most plays if you’re looking closely enough.

Derrick Johnson joined the Rich Eisen Show this week and he says he would leave it the way it is.

“You know what Im kinda iffy on it,” DJ said. “Don’t get me wrong I’m a defensive guy and I’m very biased when it comes to pass interference and stuff. But in the heat of the moment if it doesn’t look like one, you know, you just have to go with the call. I like the rule right now with not having it replayed. It’s a judgment at the end of the day. Everyone is human and makes mistakes. The game is not perfect. I would keep it like it is right now.”

I can see DJ’s point. I’m not passionate enough about it to care a whole lot either way but if my team is on the losing end of a bad pass interference no-call like the Falcons were then you can bet I’m changing my mind.

Check out DJ’s full appearance on the Rich Eisen Show below:

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