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1-5 Panthers coach Ron Rivera channeling last year’s Chiefs team

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The defending NFC champion Panthers have shockingly started the season 1-5 and so of course they’re bringing up last year’s Chiefs team as motivation to finish the regular season with 10 straight wins.

“We’ve got an opportunity to do something that was done last year,” Rivera said after Carolina wrapped up its only practice of the week. “A team started 1-5 and came back and put themselves in position.”

Here’s a hint: they won’t do it. The Chiefs schedule eased up quite a bit and they still had their defense, running game and yes, quarterback, to fall back on. The Panthers have that capability on paper but history says it won’t happen. Plus they still have games gainst the Chiefs, Seahawks and Falcons.

Rivera was one of Reid’s assistant coaches when he first started in Philly so he does have some history with the coach who brought his team back from the dead. Perhaps Big Red is giving his old friend some tips.