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Here’s why it will be tough for Chiefs to take Spencer Ware off the field

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Jamaal Charles is back and we all want him to work back in with the Kansas City Chiefs regular first team offense. He isn’t a full-go yet but he’s gotten a little more playing time in each of the past two games.

The Chiefs are being extremely cautious because they can but also because Spencer Ware is doing a great job this season. I didn’t realize it but Ware is on pace for 2,000 yards from scrimmage this year. Sure it’s early but he’s had a hell of a five-game stretch.

His 415 rushing yards through five games translates to a pace of 1,328 rushing yards for the season.

His 231 receiving yards translates to 739 receiving yards for the season.

In total, he’s on pace for 2,067 yards from scrimmage.

I would say that these numbers are going down with Jamaal’s return but Ware had 163 yards last week with Jamaal in the lineup.

It’s numbers like that that also make me wonder about Jamaal Charles and how cautious the Chiefs are being. Andy Reid needs to keep Ware in the lineup because he’s balling out but he also needs to respect what Jamaal brings to the table. Both players are team guys through and through so I don’t see this as a legit problem or even too delicate of a situation or anything like that. Reid has two good players who both deserve more touches. He is the veteran coach who’s been doing this for a minute so I trust that he’s going to handle this situation the best possible way for the Chiefs. I’m just not sure what that solution or what the right mix of each player is.