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Chiefs are big favorites over the Saints

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Arrowhead Stadium is worth 4-5 points in the eyes of oddsmakers and on Sunday Arrowhead will once again be rooting for the favorite. The Kansas City Chiefs are seven point favorites over the visiting New Orleans Saints this weekend.

538 has the Chiefs as one of the biggest favorites this week (they’re actually the third biggest).

The Saints as usual have a good offense and a bad defense. The Chiefs showed they can move the ball against bad defenses last week in Oakland. They scored 26 points and looked good doing it.

The Saints offense is a different story. They have the No. 1 passing attack in the league, which includes the Drew Brees to Brandin Cooks connection. I would imagine Cooks will catch the Chiefs corners a time or two on Sunday. They’ve been prone to big plays at times this year but they’ve also locked up good offenses as they did last week in Oakland.

We’ll monitor the line throughout the week to see if we have as much line movement as we did last week.