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NFL power rankings: Kansas City Chiefs getting back on track

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Let's take a look at where the Kansas City Chiefs stand in this week's NFL power rankings after their win over the Raiders....

SB Nation: 8

The next five games for the Chiefs are AFC South and NFC South opponents, which is good news as long as the Atlanta Falcons aren’t included (and they aren’t).

USA Today: 11

"Hungry Pig Right" ... that would be Sunday's TD play designed for 346-pound moonlighting FB Dontari Poe. Put in your fantasy claims now.

Fox Sports: 11

We all saw this coming, didn’t we? Andy Reid is now 16-2 following bye weeks, and it’s a shame for him that there isn’t a week off before playoff games. Alas, the Chiefs dominated the Raiders in every facet of the game, all without much production from Jamaal Charles. Their backfield, however, is one of the best in football as Spencer Ware carried them with 131 yards.

CBS Sports: 9

They came off the bye in impressive fashion by beating the Raiders. The running game was impressive. 11

In case you missed it the first 506 times it was mentioned over the weekend, here's reminder No. 507: Andy Reid-led teams are nearly unstoppable after the bye week. The Chiefs head coach improved his post-bye week mark to 16-2 after taking down the Raiders on Sunday. That said, Reid's discipline has always been the offensive side of the ball -- and this road W came on the backs of the starting 11 on defense. Kansas City held one of the premier offenses in the league to a paltry 286 yards, while forcing two big turnovers. How about Dee Ford? Five tackles, two sacks and that important strip job of Derek Carr late.