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Chiefs aren’t sure where Phillip Gaines stands with knee injury

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Phillip Gaines exited the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Oakland Raiders with a knee injury that appears to be related to the ACL tear he went through last year as he has tweaked and re-tweaked the knee a couple of times.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid was asked on Monday the status of Gaines and he said he didn’t know.

“You know, they’re looking at it now,” Reid said. “I don’t really have an answer for you on that. It has reoccurred, and then, it gets better, and then, it comes back. I don’t know exactly what they’re going to decide on here. I will probably know more later today.”

The Chiefs were able to survive with DJ White coming onto the field for more snaps against the Raiders. DJ White is better than the player you saw two weeks ago in Pittsburgh but he’s still a sixth round rookie. It’s a drop off for the Chiefs.

With them being so young in the secondary, I do wonder if there wouldn’t be some value in adding another corner to the mix. The free agent pickings are slim, as you’d expect. Kenneth Acker is on the 53-man roster but often inactive on game days.

The Chiefs need Gaines but it’s becoming clear they can’t rely on him due to the injuries. That’s a shame but it’s also reality. Reid will be talking to the media on Wednesday where I imagine we’ll get some sort of update.