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Was the Raiders coach complimenting Alex Smith or taking a shot?

Raiders coach Jack Del Rio spoke to the Oakland media after their 26-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Someone asked what it was about Alex Smith, who completed 19-of-22 passes, that he was able to play well against the Raiders.

I can’t decide if this is an intentional shot at Alex and the Chiefs or not.

"Good football player. A little underrated. If he’s got to rely on throwing the ball, it’s really not his strong suit, but if you allow them to run the ball, do some of their gimmicky things, then he comes to life," Del Rio said. "That’s what they were able to do today."

(Video of his response at about the 7:45 mark here)

First, he’s right. This is an accurate statement and one that Chiefs fans, if they’re being honest, would agree with.

Second, is it a shot? The part about not relying on him throwing the ball stood out because he’s a quarterback. And then the part about the "gimmicky" things on offense. Those two things make it feel like a shot.

I’m not sure. Honest assessment or a little added bonus to this rivalry?

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