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Marcus Peters got beat but knew Derek Carr couldn’t throw it that far

Marcus Peters once again ended his homecoming with an interception. The KC Chiefs cornerback picked off a Derek Carr pass in the Chiefs win over the Raiders.

“It was wet first of all,” Peters said via the Chiefs website. “Crabtree beat me on a double move but I knew that he couldn’t throw the ball that far. So I knew the ball was going to hang. As soon as he got past me I just looked up. I just trusted my instincts and I knew I had someone over the top.”

His account appears to match up with the tape.

This shows Peters getting beat on the double move. He’s right. Crabtree absolutely had him. Those double moves are Peters’ weakness.

He turns around but keeps his head peeking into the backfield to keep an eye on the quarterback. He probably knew the ball was going to come that way once he got beat.

Peters stops before Crabtree because he sees the duck that’s coming.

Peters owned up to getting beat. That’s what it looked like on TV and that’s what he says happened. However, he also adapted quickly and he was, frankly, a little lucky that it was wet out. Still though he deserves some credit for recognizing the situation and breaking off early to make the pick.

Watch the highlight here.

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