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Andy Reid says Chiefs didn’t flinch with the Raiders awful field

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Andy Reid didn’t say the Oakland Raiders field was terrible ... but we all watched the game. We saw it was an awful, not NFL worthy field. The rain came down hard before the game and while they had the field covered with a tarp it still doesn’t drain very well. The middle of the field between the hashmarks was a mud pit.

Reid doesn’t usually complain about things like that and he didn’t on Sunday after the game talking with the Chiefs broadcast team.

“You know there really wasn’t (anything that changed because of the rain),” Reid said. “We knew before coming out here that it was going to be rough as far as the elements go. The guys didn’t really flinch on it. We had the same thing in Pittsburgh so they had a little bit of a lead up to it.”

Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

You could see it affecting the players especially early in the game. That first Oakland drive the Chiefs cornerbacks couldn’t seem to get their footing and it was hurting the team. I also saw it on Jamaal Charles’ 17-yard run where he cut back inside - the plant foot wasn’t quite as strong with the cut because he was cutting in mud.

Does it rain very often in Las Vegas? I’m asking for a friend.