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Chiefs beat Raiders: 5 winners, 1 loser

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Looking at the winners and losers following the Kansas City Chiefs 26-10 win over the Oakland Raiders.


Andy Reid

Have yourself a game, Big Red. This was a job well done for the Chiefs head coach. The play calling was sharp in the first half. The Chiefs got Jamaal Charles involved in the game. Best of all? The Chiefs ran it down the Raiders throat, particularly in the second half when they were milking a lead. How many times have we talked about this Chiefs rushing attack coming in handy when nursing a second half lead? Perfect example of it. Credit Big Red for not getting away from the run in the second half.

Bonus: The call for Dontari Poe that resulted in a touchdown. Don’t care if Big Red was getting too cute because it worked. I can not find it in me as a fan to complain about Poe scoring touchdowns.

Bonus times two: Big Red passed Mike Holmgren on the coaching wins list.

The running backs, all of ‘em

I’m starting to see how this is going to work and I’m excited. Spencer Ware is your 15-20-carry back. He’s the guy who is your main back that will take the pounding game after game. He can run, he can catch, he can do it all. You mix in Jamaal Charles who is still very fast and capable of making defenders miss. Toss in a couple of screens per game for Jamaal, who is one of the best in the league in the open field. If anything happens to those two, you have Charcandrick West, a blend of these two who can run, catch and pass block too. Knile Davis is even waiting in the wings although he was inactive against the Raiders.

What is the Chiefs identity? They should be a downhill running team.

Alex Smith

19 of 22 for 224 yards is a ridiculous line. It’s also a very, very Alex line. That 86 percent completion percentage is tops in Chiefs history with at least 20 passes thrown. You know who Alex Smith beat out for that record? Alex Smith. He actually owns the top four spots in the Chiefs record books for that stat.

This is the Alex the Chiefs can win with. I’d even settle for 80 percent passing instead of 86. (Yes, that’s sarcasm ... but I’d still take it)

Derrick Johnson

The old man still has it. Isn’t he supposed to be over the hill at this point? Shouldn’t he be losing some of his speed? Why does this man still have the power of a 25 year old in his prime?

Case in point, this hit in the game is brutal:

DJ is a year older than Tamba Hali. When you put it that way and watch the two of them play at this age, it really magnifies the freak that is Derrick Johnson.

Don’t ever leave me, DJ. (wait what)

Marcus Peters

The homecoming for Peters who ended it with a pick, an IV and the concussion protocol. He passed the latter thankfully. He was clearly pumped up to be playing at home.

Remember when Michael Crabtree said he didn’t want to talk about Marcus Peters? Now it’s the other way around because no one is talking about Crabtree. Did he even play in this game?? Someone put him on a milk carton.

Mostly, I put Peters here because this game clearly meant so much to him and the Chiefs pulled it out.


The Raiders

Put yourselves in their shoes for a minute. You’re 4-1 hoping to beat a division rival to move to 5-1 and take clear control of the AFC West. Instead, you lose the game, lose your momentum and lose your hold on the division lead. The Raiders and Broncos are 4-2 while the Chiefs are close behind at 3-2. We have ourselves a division, folks.