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Chiefs made second half adjustments to stop Amari Cooper

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We’ve heard every fan talk about second half adjustments. When their team comes out flat, we’re screaming about why the offensive or defensive coordinator didn’t make second half adjustments. It’s almost mythical at this point to talk about second half adjustments. It’s as common as complaining about play calling.

The Chiefs on Sunday appear to have actually made second half adjustments in their 26-10 win in Oakland. The Raiders even talked about it.

Amari Cooper had nine catches on nine targets for 117 yards in the first half alone. It looked like he was on his way to a monster game.

But then ... he stopped. He just stopped making plays. Cooper ended with one catch in the second half for 12 yards.

They changed their coverages up, they did in the second half,” Derek Carr said via Silver and Black Pride. “We could see it, we knew what they were doing. Me and Coop were talking about it during the game. We had to run a play, he’d come back and I’d check with him, make sure we saw the same thing exactly right. As players we saw it.”

We’ll have time this week to go back and see exactly what the Chiefs did but it certainly does feel like the Chiefs won the coaching battle this week too.