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Andy Reid passes Mike Holmgren on all-time NFL wins list

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Andy Reid took a big step in his personal coaching career with Sunday’s win over the Raiders. The Chiefs head coach is now 14th on the all-time wins (regular season and postseason) list for an NFL coach. He passed someone who he thinks should be in the Hall of Fame with this win: Mike Holmgren.

If the Chiefs have a season like last year, he should crack the top 10 coaching wins list, even passing Bill Parcells. It’s pretty crazy to think that Reid has been doing it this long.

Is Andy Reid a Hall of Famer? He’s not done coaching yet so it’s hard to judge but it feels like you need a Super Bowl win to be in that conversation. Reid has an appearance as as a head coach.

Here’s the full list via the Chiefs:

Rank. Head Coach (Win Total)

1. Don Shula (347)

2. George Halas (324)

3. Tom Landry (270)

4. Bill Belichick (251)

5. Curly Lambeau (229)

6. Chuck Noll (209)

7. Marty Schottenheimer (205)

8. Dan Reeves (201)

9. Chuck Knox (193)

10. Bill Parcells (183)

11. Tom Coughlin (182)

12. Mike Shanahan (178)

13. Jeff Fisher (177)

14. Andy Reid (175)

15. Mike Holmgren (174)