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The Raiders are who we thought they were

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It’s fitting that it’s the 10-year anniversary of Dennis Green’s famous rant. After a loss to the Chicago Bears, a game they were leading, Dennis Green went off on his Cardinals allowing the Bears to come back and win.

The Raiders were a 4-1 team with a plus-five point differential. They won four games by a combined 12 points. There were clearly questions about this team and that 4-1 record. It didn’t feel real and this game suggests that maybe it’s not.

It’s still a long way to go for Kansas City. They have looked bad more than they have looked good this season but this game felt like the Chiefs of old.

As I watch Denny Green’s speech, I’m reminded by another coach, Marty Schottenheimer, who once said you just have to wait out the Raiders because eventually they will beat themselves.