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Chiefs-Raiders final score: Spencer Ware, Jamaal Charles power KC to 26-10 win

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The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Oakland Raiders 26-10. The Chiefs move to 3-2 while the Raiders drop to 4-2.

Marcus Peters had an interception, Dontari Poe scored a touchdown, Dee Ford had a strip sack to help seal the game ... did I miss anything?

Yeah I missed a lot. Let’s go over it all...

Final stats are here.

Spencer Ware does his best Jamaal Charles impression

What can you say about Spencer Ware? He had yet another big game: 24 carries 131 rushing yards, two catches, 32 yards, one touchdown.

Two plays in particular stand out. Ware’s 45-yard run that put the Chiefs inside the five-yard line. He broke a few tackles and set the Chiefs up for a touchdown. Later he had a 30-yard catch that put the Chiefs near the goal line again. They would go onto kick a field goal. Those two big plays led to 10 points.

Ware and Jamaal Charles is going to be fun.

Jamaal Charles is a difference maker

The numbers don’t reflect it but Jamaal is a difference maker. The spark is obvious. Ware had the majority of the touches against the Raiders but Jamaal still showed he has something left. He had a nice 16-yard run where he bounced outside and cut back inside. He also had a carry where he showed some power and along with the help of his offensive line pushed forward with multiple Raiders on him.

Jamaal can still use more touches but I liked what I saw here against the Raiders. They’re not quite there yet but I can see how effective Ware and Jamaal can be.

Awaiting update on Marcus Peters

The good: He had an interception.

The bad: He left once to get an IV in the locker room.

The ugly: He looked woozy after one play and was taken off the field. Obviously you wonder if it was for the concussion protocol but we haven’t heard yet.

Credit the Chiefs defense

CB Phillip Gaines came out of the game. CB Marcus Peters was out briefly. The pass rush wasn’t great. Yet this team held one of the NFL’s best offenses to 10 points.

The rain was a factor

The Raiders field was awful. In between the hashes it was a mud pit. I can’t believe an NFL stadium looked this bad but neither team could get any footing. It was a big factor in this game as Cairo Santos missed an extra point (first miss of the season) and field goal (second one of the season). Santos and the field goal operation is to blame but in this weather it’s excusable. Credit the Chiefs for adapting the rest of the way.

We documented the awful conditions at that dump of a stadium right here.

I gotta say something about Alex Smith

I didn’t think at any point during the game that this was one of Alex’s best games but looking at the numbers ... these are really good numbers: 19/22 for 224 yards.

Alex was quietly good most of the day. The day did not start off right with a bad first possession that included two sacks but he was solid after that. Not E-L-I-T-E but you can win with passing like that.

Add this game to Alex’s history as a Chief against the Raiders:

W 24-7, 14-of-31, 128 yards, 0 TDs, 0 INTs

W 56-31, 17-of-20, 287 yards, 5 TDs, 0 INTs

L 24-20, 20-of-36, 234 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs

W 31-13, 18-of-30, 297 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs

W 34-20, 16-of-22, 162 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs

W 23-17, 14-of-24, 156 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs

Dontari Poe, touchdown machine

Yes, Andy Reid was too cute. No, I don’t care. Why? BECAUSE DONTARI POE CAUGHT A TOUCHDOWN PASS. Technically, they’re calling it a run but this is a pass. Credit Poe for those soft hands.