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NFL picks and predictions: Chiefs-Raiders will be a tight one

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The Arrowhead Pride staff makes their predictions for the Chiefs-Raiders game this afternoon. The Chiefs are two point favorites.

Chiefs 28 Raiders 27

My reasoning here is mostly, “The Raiders have been bad for so long they’ll have to prove to me they’re legit.” That and only having a plus-five point differential with a 4-1 record. Something doesn’t smell quite right here. -Joel Thorman

Chiefs 24 Raiders 13

Andy Reid after the bye week. Last week's embarrassment. The Raiders' defense. The health of Jamaal. The fact that the Raiders are still the Raiders. -Matt Conner

Chiefs 17 Raiders 31

I want to believe the Chiefs can beat the Raiders. Unfortunately, they have a really good offense, and the Chiefs haven't done so hot against really good offenses this season. And while Oakland's defense has been terrible, the Chiefs offense simply hasn't shown it can show up outside of some brief flashes. I hope the return of Jamaal Charles and a couple of weeks to regroup will turn things around, but until I see the evidence I can't get on board. -MNChiefsfan

Chiefs 17 Raiders 34

The Chiefs are 0-6 under Andy Reid after games in which they lose by 10-plus points. This will be the worst loss of them all, a game that exposes all of their faults (lackluster QB, thin defensive secondary, no pass rush) for a second time and leaves them wondering why they're even playing football this season. Even worse, it will come against a QB they could have easily drafted themselves. As the Chiefs watch Carr victimize their secondary Sunday, Alex Smith will be mostly helpless to respond, and everyone will know the direction the franchise needs to go in moving forward. The only question is if they will actually do it this time, or let Smith fool them for another few seasons. -Clay Wendler

Chiefs 31 Raiders 10

Another game that will prove we have no idea what to expect from this team, or the NFL as a whole. The Chiefs go back to causing turnovers and not committing them, and the offense gets on track by running the ball. As usual, the key will be getting an early lead, and not letting up...would be a nice change from the first 4 games. Alex Smith will confound us all by having a very good day, and at least for a week, we'll wonder why we worried so much. -Stagdsp

Chiefs 27 Raiders 21

The Chiefs look like a completely different team after Andy Reid has them well prepared after the bye. Besides, the Raiders seem more like a 4-2 team than a 5-1 team. Derek Carr will outperform Alex Smith, but the Chiefs get an early lead anyways. When trying to come back Carr makes a costly mistake and the Chiefs pick him off. The game really isn't as close as the 27 - 21 score would dictate. The Raiders get closer towards the end of the game with a garbage time touchdown. -Super_G