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If you are hoping there is a magic pill to fix the Chiefs pass rush, you are wrong

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If you’re one who believes a pass rush is important then you may be worried about this weekend’s Chiefs-Raiders game. This is weakness vs. strength going up against each other.

The Chiefs pass rush is bad. Pro Football Focus posted the defenses with the worst rates of pressure. Can you guess who was dead last? Your Kansas City Chiefs! The Chiefs pressure percentage was further behind the 31st ranked defense than the 31st ranked defense was from the league average. That’s really bad!

The Raiders offensive line is good. They have allowed the fewest sacks (five) and the fewest quarterback hits (11). More time for a quarterback is obviously a good thing, especially a talented one like Derek Carr who has a 100-plus quarterback rating on the season.

Even if the Chiefs do pressure Carr, Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton pointed out that Carr is very good at getting the ball out of his hands.

“I think he’s playing really well, and he’s a big challenge because you can try and pressure him, but like I said, he gets rid of the ball. It’s just hard for anybody to get to him,” Sutton said.

This is a problem but it’s one that we can see coming. Sutton talked more about consistency than changing up the scheme to create pressure.

“We have a lot of things to fix,” Sutton said. “I’m not saying we’re a horrible team, there’s things that we can do better and our players know it. Some of those things we’ve been doing during the year and we haven’t done them consistently, that’s a big part of it. There’s not a magic pill here that you take and say ‘hey we’ve got this baby under control’. It comes down to the same doggone thing every day. You have to go there and you have to go to work and you have to improve.”

See, I was really hoping for the magic pass rush pill option. We’ll see what the Chiefs plan is on Sunday in Oakland.